Past Projects

Traverse Young Writers

Both Marnie and Jen were accepted onto the Traverse Young Writers programme in spring 2021 as solo writers. 


‘CLAY’, written by Jennifer Galt, illustrated the relationships between three generations of women played by two actresses.

Delving into the turbulent thoughts of three women, ‘CLAY’ is an exploration of tense familial bonds told through a series of gripping, defiant monologues. The piece was directed by Eve Nicol and was commended for its poignant emotional pull.


Marnie Russell showcased an extract from ‘God’s Honest Truth’, a full-length play currently in the development stage that challenges audience’s perceptions of food waste, scarcity, and the media’s effect on cyclical poverty in the UK. This particular extract explored the navigation of uncomfortable nuances and outright oppositions in political opinions among close friends. Directed by Mingyu Lin, ‘God’s Honest Truth’ was praised for the strength of its naturalistic dialogue. 

‘CLAY’ and ‘God’s Honest Truth’ are currently being workshopped by False Start. Recordings of their performances will be available to view on our website soon.

Eat Worms

False Start was officially founded during the duo’s artistic residency with Scottish Youth Theatre in early 2021. ‘Eat Worms’ was written, produced and edited in connection with the Making Space festival. The non-linear episodic digital theatre piece tracks the anxieties and tensions between two young women questioning a decade-long friendship. The fragmented inner battles of the two women are explored through collage, voice-over monologues, and balances naturalistic dialogue with elements of surrealist theatre. Filmed and edited over three weeks, ‘Eat Worms’ is an example of the powerhouse of creative stamina and rigor that fuels False Start.

Putting on a Panto

Over the 2020 Christmas period, Jen and Marnie wrote, produced and edited a full-length, metatheatrical digital pantomime ‘Putting On A Panto!’. In-keeping with the pantomime tradition of reflecting current states of affairs with a self-aware wink, ‘Putting On A Panto!’ tells the story of a desperate Cinderella hell-bent on cheering up Buttons after all the 2020 pantomimes get cancelled. The infamous panto duo dip in and out of Zoom calls with all the ‘pantosphere’ regulars in search for performers to salvage a Christmas show. Complete with parody songs, pop culture references and ensemble dancers, the project was their first venture as a duo.


Watch the panto here!